Digital Sincerity

In a society where everything's fake, what's valuable is whatever isn't.

Open source freelance contracts that work for humans

At the co-op consultancy we use two legal documents for client work: a statement of work that says what we're going to do, and a contract that covers all the other complications inherent in any business deal...

A static React site on S3 with /directory-style/ URIs

I wanted to put together a new site recently, as I'm thinking about looking for a job soon. This was a bit of a treat - a personal site is always an excuse to mess around with the latest Gee Whiz toolsets without worrying about whether they fit a client's needs, or whether they actually make any kind of sense.

What's the big deal, Apple? (with sketches)

Apple's been asked to unlock the iPhone of a convicted criminal - a terrorist, no less - and they've said no. This seems like a strange decision, and yet everybody in technology treats it as a given that Apple is right. What gives?

The Digital Nomad

It's a pretty common fantasy to one day drop everything and just travel, open-ended, with no particular destination in mind. Even though most of the consultants and other homeless people who live it come away with the opposite fantasy - to be rooted, to have some place and people to call their own - it's still a great experience to try.

The co-op consultancy

Having experienced the various perversions of this market firsthand, we decided we're going to take a shot at fixing it. Our first attempt at the solution is a co-op...

Getting Started in Boston Tech

I’ve been asked a few times here in Hong Kong about how to dive into Boston’s startup scene. This post is a short attempt to make that transition a little easier on students...

I was Homeless and All I Got was This Lousy Blog Post

When the melting snow trickles down my lower back I’m terrified it’s urine. How irrational...

How to be Useful

It goes like this. Startups operate by turning problems into tasks. There are two ways to rank tasks: by difficulty and by familiarity. So any potential job fits into a 2x2 matrix...

The Unstoppable Lean Startup Machine

The Lean Startup Machine is unstoppable. The world’s only bizdev hackathon is a supercharged engine of scientific innovation, plowing relentlessly through new startup communities every month and obliterating our romantic but outmoded notion of entrepreneurship...